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Fine Bank is one of the longest-running non-banking companies. It was established in 1999 and since then it is still one of the leading providers of consumer financial products.

In the offer of this company, we can find many credit products such as cash loans, credit cards, revolving loans, consumer loans, online loans but also telephone loans. Of course, the installment purchase through Fine Bank, which offers a number of Slovak stores, is also very popular.

Installment purchase via Fine Bank


The best-known and oldest consumer loan from Fine Bank, which is used in most stores with electronics, computers, furniture, and the like. This loan can even be used to buy a holiday. Installment leave has recently been used more and more often.

Cash loans

Cash loans

Fine Bank The cash consumer loans offered by Fine Bank include a telephone loan and an online loan. You can arrange both of these loans directly from the comfort of your home. The amount of loans is up to USD 4,300. You will receive the money obtained by transfer to your bank account.

You can submit a non-binding application for a Fine Bank loan of up to USD 4,300 at this address.

Cash loans


Fine Bank offers cash loans at branches of Good Store and Hardware stores . You can get a cash loan of up to 16,000 USD at Good Store department stores. Provision and early repayment are free with a Good Store loan.

In department stores Hardware furniture, you can get a Fine Bank cash loan of up to 7,000 USD. Early repayment and loan processing is also free of charge with a Hardware loan.

Fine Bank

This loan is used to finance the purchase of new as well as used cars from a number of car dealers throughout. In addition to this consumer loan, Fine Bank also offers the Fine Bank + loan, which you can use to purchase equipment and accessories for your car. The Fine Bank consumer loan , ie a car on installments, can be obtained by natural persons, legal entities and, of course, entreprenUSDs.

Credit for above-standard medical care

Credit for above-standard medical care

The Medifin consumer loan from Fine Bank is used to finance above-standard health care. You can use it to fund any medical procedure that is not covered by health insurance.

Cards from Fine Bank

For people who already have a consumer loan from Fine Bank and repay it properly, Fine Bank cards offer additional benefits to the company’s clients.

The most well-known card is the silver Fine Bank card , which enables repeated purchases in installments in stores that have a contract with Fine Bank in, but also abroad. This card also allows cash withdrawals at ATMs and thus provides a drawdown of a revolving (constantly renewing) loan .

A very popular card is also the Fine Bank credit card , ie the international MasterCard payment card, with which you can pay online, but you can also withdraw money from it from an ATM in and abroad.

Other cards include the Premia shopping card , the Fine Bank credit card , the Clubcard credit card and the Desatina card . These cards also give you benefits that you can take advantage of in installment purchases, or in everyday purchases.

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