What Kind Of Credit Card You Should Know?

Credit cards are known as non-cash payment options for various transactions throughout the world. In general, credit cards are a preferred non-cash payment instrument because they have a very practical function as a substitute for cash, and can be used for transactions wherever you are.

Use a credit card for any transaction to pay


You can use a credit card for any transaction to pay for your groceries without having to have some money first. But later, you must pay a sum of money that has been used along with interest by installments or installments according to the desired time period.

With the development of people’s online shopping habits and classless transactions, this has caused credit cards to become increasingly popular and credit card payment methods are growing rapidly.

Benefits of Credit Cards


Credit cards have important benefits when it comes to payments and is more practical to carry. People no longer need to bring lots of cash to shop. This is considered ancient and dangerous because it can cause evil intentions of those around him. But what exactly are the benefits of credit cards?

  • Shopping Transactions online is easier.

Want to shop online at foreign or domestic stores, paying using a credit card can be easier. Moreover, almost all online shopping sites accept credit card payments. Take advantage of low-interest offers or 0% installments if any.

  • Lots of promos and discounts

Affairs of promos and discounts, credit cards are always at the forefront and certainly provide benefits for your finances. All types of credit cards from issuing banks have various discounts and promos. Always take advantage of this so that your expenses are more efficient.

  • All expenses recorded

Credit card transactions will benefit you because all expenses will be recorded and recorded properly. All you have to do is check and re-check what your monthly transactions are

  • Credit card points can be exchanged for travel

Did you know there are types of credit cards that have a point collection feature where these points can be exchanged for airline miles? So you can save more traveling by exchanging credit card points to buy tickets or discounted airline tickets for economy and business class.

Types of Credit Cards


Choose and have a credit card that suits your wants and needs. This is important so that you can be happier and get many benefits from the credit card.

The following is a complete review of the types of credit cards that are distinguished based on the credit limit (limit), applicable regions, and affiliates.

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